Requisition Form

Problem printing Requisition Form with Google Chrome

If you try printing the Requisition form using Google Chrome you might get a page printed without any margins. Follow the following steps to adjust the margins.

Adjusting Print Margins in Google Chrome

  1. Open the Requisition Form.
  2. Click Print Form or Print Blank Form.
  3. On the next page, click the print button (Shortcut: Ctrl+P). This will open up the Chrome print preview page.
  4. There is a sidebar in the left side of the print preview page, with several printing options, including Margins settings. (View image)
  5. You can change the margins to None, Minimum or Custom. To change the margins to your preference, choose Custom and adjust the margins as you wish (by stretching them). (View image)
  6. Resize the margins so that you can print the entire Requisition Form on a single page.
  7. Once you are done resizing, click Print.