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(Days: M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday   UPLE: U=UDWR (Upper Division Writing Requirement), P=Pro Bono, L=Tax LLM, E=Experiential)
CRN  Subj-Crs/Sec  Professor  Title (notes)  U  Days  Time  Room  UPLE  Exam 
15100 LAWB-4005/D1 Kowal, Jennifer Accounting for Lawyers 9:50a-11:50a R205  5/9/2016 
15105 LAWD-4023/D1 Levenson, Laurie Advanced Criminal Law Seminar 10:00a-12:00p BANNAN Paper 
15011 LAWJ-4064/D1 Kennedy, Sean Advanced Criminal Litigation Skills  (Limited to students in Juvenile Justice program.) 1:00p-3:10p TAC  No Exam 
15155 LAWJ-4064/D2 Kennedy, Sean Advanced Criminal Litigation Skills  (Limited to students in Juvenile Justice program.) 1:00p-3:10p TAC  No Exam 
15206 LAWJ-4020/D1 Phillips, Joshua Advanced Legal Research 3:20p-5:20p R205  No Exam 
15207 LAWJ-4020/E1 Der, Stephanie Advanced Legal Research 8:10p-10:10p R205  No Exam 
15454 LAWJ-4020/E2 Madole, Amber
Hunter, Caitlin

Cadra, Laura
Advanced Legal Research 6:00p-8:00p C401  No Exam 
15485 LAWJ-4048/E1 O'Connell, Beverly Advanced Trial Advocacy 6:00p-9:00p G202  Presentation 
15516 LAWJ-4089/D1 Aragaki, Hiro Alternative Dispute Resolution: Law & Practice 9:50a-11:50a FH126  Take Home 
15095 LAWA-4002/E1 Kesselman, David Antitrust Law MW 8:10p-9:40p B240  5/5/2016 
15147 LAWF-4016/D1 Steiner, Christine
Stokol, Margot
Art and the Law Seminar 3:20p-5:20p C402 Paper 
15233 LAWB-4007/D1 Weinberg, Joel Bankruptcy 1:10p-4:10p TAC  5/4/2016 
15166 LAWB-5000/01 Wells, Anne
Cooper, Christian
Bankruptcy Litigation Practicum  (Graded pass/fail.) 1-14     -    -  No Exam 
15086 LAWA-4003/D1 Guttentag, Michael Business Associations  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 9:50a-11:50a H70  4/28/2016 
15117 LAWA-4003/E1 Maynard, Therese Business Associations  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 6:00p-8:00p G102  4/28/2016 
15113 LAWG-4059/E1 Lopez, Giovanny Business Immigration Law TR 8:10p-10:10p BANNAN 5/3/2016 
15065 LAWN-4034/D1 Unterberger, Howard Business Planning I: Financing the Start-up Business and Venture Capital Financing  (Enrollment limited to 15 students.) 8:50a-11:50a TAC UL Paper 
15077 LAWN-4034/D3 Trevino, Shannon Business Planning I: Financing the Start-up Business and Venture Capital Financing  (Enrollment limited to 15 students.) 5:00p-8:00p B220 UL Paper 
15078 LAWN-4034/D4 Tran, Jenny Business Planning I: Financing the Start-up Business and Venture Capital Financing  (Enrollment limited to 15 students.) 2:50p-5:50p C402 UL Paper 
15444 LAWN-4034/D5 Crowley, Matthew Business Planning I: Financing the Start-up Business and Venture Capital Financing  (Enrollment limited to 15 students) 8:50a-11:50a C403 UL 
15128 LAWO-7021/01 Poehls, Susan Byrne Trial Advocacy Team  (Graded pass/fail.) MW 6:00p-10:00p TAC  No Exam 
15229 LAWO-7021/02 Poehls, Susan Byrne Trial Advocacy Team  (Graded pass/fail.) MW 6:00p-10:00p TAC  No Exam 
15201 LAWJ-4015/D1 Wohrle, Joseph California Civil Procedure: Practice & Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam.) 1:10p-3:10p B210  4/28/2016 
15063 LAWJ-4015/E1 Fischer, David California Civil Procedure: Practice & Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam.) 6:00p-8:00p C401  4/28/2016 
15250 LAWC-5000/02 Rocconi, Margo Capital Habeas Litigation Clinic  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15101 LAWI-4019/D1 Lapp, Kevin Children and the Law TR 3:20p-4:50p B240  5/5/2016 
15052 LAWJ-4096/D1 Craig, Garrett Civil Litigation Skills Practicum II  (Enrollment limited to 16 students.) 5:00p-8:00p C403 Paper 
15054 LAWJ-4096/D2 Craig, Garrett Civil Litigation Skills Practicum II  (Enrollment limited to 16 students.) 8:50a-11:50a C403 Paper 
15140 LAWJ-4096/D3 Scherago, Michael Civil Litigation Skills Practicum II  (Enrollment limited to 16 students.) 5:00p-8:00p C403 Paper 
15022 LAWJ-1001/D1 Willis, Lauren Civil Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam.) WRF 10:10a-11:50a G102  4/29/2016 
15023 LAWJ-1001/D3 Grossi, Simona Civil Procedure  (Bar course-closed book exam.) TR 3:30p-4:45p H70  4/29/2016 
15024 LAWJ-1001/D4 Ides, Allan Civil Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 3:30p-4:45p DH  4/29/2016 
15028 LAWJ-1001/E1 Vairo, Georgene Civil Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 6:00p-7:15p H80  4/29/2016 
15255 LAWC-5000/03 Williams, Gary Civil Rights Litigation Externship  (Year-long. Instructor approval required. Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15070 LAWE-4015/E1 Trisolini, Katherine Climate Change and the Law 6:00p-8:00p G302 Paper 
15092 LAWB-4009/D1 Hull, Bryan Commercial Law MW 1:10p-2:40p C402  5/3/2016 
15169 LAWB-4030/D1 Freundlich, Alisa Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Finance  (Enrollment limited to 24 students.) 3:20p-5:20p C403  5/6/2016 
15399 LAWI-5000/36 Culbert, Mary Conciliation and Mediation Assistance Clinic at the Center for Conflict Resolution 1-14     -    -  
15167 LAWC-2003/D1 Ides, Allan
Grossi, Simona
Constitutional Law  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TWR 10:15a-11:35a G202  5/2/2016 
15060 LAWC-2003/D2 West-Faulcon, Kimberly Constitutional Law  (Bar course-closed book exam.) MW 1:10p-3:10p DH  5/2/2016 
15015 LAWC-2003/E1 Caplan, Aaron Constitutional Law  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 6:00p-8:00p MH  5/2/2016 
15025 LAWB-1001/D1 Hull, Bryan Contracts  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 8:00a-9:30a G102  5/9/2016 
15026 LAWB-1001/D2 Pollman, Elizabeth Contracts  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MWR 10:10a-11:50a DH  5/9/2016 
15027 LAWB-1001/D3 Berdejo, Carlos Contracts  (Bar course - closed book exam.) 3:30p-5:30p G102  5/9/2016 
15020 LAWF-4003/E1 Dougherty, F. Copyright Law TR 6:00p-7:30p C402  5/10/2016 
15130 LAWA-4022/D1 Pollman, Elizabeth Corporate Governance Seminar 3:20p-5:20p FH236 Paper 
15099 LAWN-4011/E1 Kowal, Jennifer Corporate Taxation II 6:00p-8:00p B240 5/10/2016 
15104 LAWD-4007/D1 Levenson, Laurie Criminal Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 3:20p-5:20p MH  5/11/2016 
15081 LAWD-4007/E1 Strauss, Marcy Criminal Procedure  (Bar course-closed book exam.) TR 6:00p-8:00p MH  5/11/2016 
15057 LAWF-4048/E1 White, Ryan Cyber and Intellectual Property Crimes 6:00p-8:00p B220  No Exam 
15202 LAWD-4005/E1 Kennedy, Sean Death Penalty Law Seminar 8:10p-10:10p FH236 Paper 
15460 LAWD-5000/29 Poehls, Susan District Attorney Externship     -    -  
15461 LAWD-5000/30 Poehls, Susan District Attorney Externship     -    -  
15459 LAWO-9003/01 Poehls, Susan District Attorney Seminar     -    -  Paper 
15246 LAWI-4017/D1 Smith, Michael Education Law 1:10p-3:10p FH126  Take Home 
15131 LAWI-4008/D1 Pollock, Cynthia Elder Law 3:20p-5:20p B220  5/11/2016 
15139 LAWI-4021/E1 Samuels, Sandor Employment Discrimination Law 6:00p-8:00p B220  5/9/2016 
15469 LAWI-5000/79 Dai, Cornelia Employment Rights Clinic Externship     -    -  
15244 LAWI-4079/D1 Dai, Cornelia Employment Rights Clinic Seminar  (Graded pass/fail.) 3:50p-5:50p BANNAN No Exam 
15136 LAWF-4004/D1 Robin, Jeffrey Entertainment Law 5:00p-8:00p B210  5/9/2016 
15021 LAWF-4013/E1 Dougherty, F. Entertainment Law Practicum  (Graded pass/fail.) 1 or 2 6:00p-8:00p FH126  No Exam 
15223 LAWO-6022/01 Dougherty, F. Entertainment Law Review Editor  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15222 LAWO-6021/01 Dougherty, F. Entertainment Law Review Staff  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    - No Exam 
15076 LAWE-4003/D1 Trisolini, Katherine Environmental Law TR 3:20p-4:50p B220  5/2/2016 
15217 LAWN-4006/E1 Ronda, Autumn Estate Planning 6:00p-8:00p G302 Take Home 
15009 LAWJ-2004/D1 Boylan, Jean Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam.) 8:50a-11:50a G302  5/6/2016 
15014 LAWJ-2004/D2 Delfino, Rebecca Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 10:20a-11:50a G302  5/6/2016 
15056 LAWJ-2004/D3 Williams, Gary Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 1:10p-2:40p G302  5/6/2016 
15094 LAWJ-2004/D4 Kamita-Wakita, Jennifer Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 1:10p-2:40p G302  5/6/2016 
15135 LAWJ-2004/D5 Riordan, Thomas Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 3:20p-4:50p G302  5/6/2016 
15116 LAWJ-2004/E1 Martin, Daniel Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 8:10p-9:40p G302  5/6/2016 
15127 LAWJ-2003/D1 Pillsbury, Samuel Evidence  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 9:50a-11:50a C402  5/9/2016 
15154 LAWJ-2003/D2 Miller, Eric Evidence  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 1:10p-3:10p G102  5/9/2016 
15093 LAWJ-4087/D1 Iversen, Guy Evidence for Trial Lawyers 3:50p-5:50p B240  Take Home 
15493 LAWJ-4087/D2 Iversen, Guy Evidence for Trial Lawyers 3:50p-5:50p FH236  Take Home 
15055 LAWD-4016/D1 Rohman, Keith
Woolley, Susan
Fact Investigation 9:50a-11:50a B220  Take Home 
15123 LAWI-4025/D1 Ocen, Priscilla Family Law TR 3:20p-4:50p C401  Take Home 
15178 LAWF-4057/D1 Riordan, Staci Fashion Law Clinic 9:50a-11:50a FH236  No Exam 
15257 LAWF-4068/01 Riordan, Staci Fashion Law Clinic II     -    -  
15084 LAWC-4012/D1 Grossi, Simona
Ides, Allan
Federal Courts MW 3:20p-4:50p B210  5/4/2016 
15067 LAWC-4019/D1 Gerstmann, Evan First Amendment Seminar 9:50a-11:50a FH236 Paper 
15016 LAWC-4022/D1 Caplan, Aaron First Amendment Survey  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 10:20a-11:50a R205  5/11/2016 
15472 LAWJ-1101/01 Gold, Victor Foundations of American Law     -    -  
15090 LAWJ-4092/D1 Hawthorne, Christopher Fundamentals of Juvenile Post-Conviction and Sentencing Litigation  (Limited to students in JIFS clinic.) 9:50a-11:50a FH126  No Exam 
15134 LAWJ-4076/E1 Ricciardulli, Alessandro Fundamentals of Solo Litigation  (Enrollment limited to 20 students.) 6:00p-9:00p TAC  5/11/2016 
15175 LAWO-7015/01 McDermott, John Giles Sutherland Rich Patent Moot Court     -    -  No Exam 
15249 LAWC-4036/E1 Ivens, Gail
Trigilio, Joseph
Habeas Corpus Litigation Seminar 6:00p-8:00p BANNAN  Paper 
15164 LAWA-4027/E1 Flanagan, Gerald Health Insurance Regulation: Law, Policy, & Politics 8:10p-10:10p C403  Take Home 
15251 LAWO-7014/01 Williams, Gary Hispanic Moot Court  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15162 LAWJ-4119/D1 Poehls, Susan Hobbs Trial Advocacy  (Admission by tryout for year-long program. Enrollment limited to 12 students.) 1:00p-4:00p G202  No Exam 
15210 LAWG-4070/D1 Hansel, Mary Human Rights at Home 5:00p-8:00p C403  No Exam 
15097 LAWI-4058/D1 Kim, Kathleen Human Trafficking Seminar 3:20p-5:20p B210  Paper 
15172 LAWG-5000/01 Montes, Helena
Robinson, Emily

Kim, Kathleen
Immigrant Justice Clinic  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15173 LAWG-5000/02 Robinson, Emily
Kim, Kathleen

Montes, Helena
Immigrant Justice Clinic Advanced  (Graded pass/fail.) 0-14 3:20p-5:20p TAC  No Exam 
15171 LAWG-4071/D1 Kim, Kathleen
Montes, Helena

Robinson, Emily
Immigrant Justice Clinic Seminar II 3:20p-5:20p TAC  No Exam 
15132 LAWN-4001/E1 Pratt, Katherine Income Taxation I MW 6:00p-7:30p R205 5/9/2016 
15247 LAWF-1011/D1 Manheim, Karl
Atik, Jeffery
Innovation Law  (First-year elective) MW 1:10p-2:40p C401  5/12/2016 
15228 LAWF-4067/D1 Ghirardelli, Aaron Intellectual Property in the Digital Age 3:20p-5:20p G302  5/10/2016 
15158 LAWF-4066/D1 Hughes, Justin Intellectual Property Seminar - Advanced Topics 1:10p-3:10p BANNAN  No Exam 
15252 LAWO-7051/01 Sohbatian, Nareeneh Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition  (Graded pass/fail.) 0-2     -    -  No Exam 
15225 LAWO-6032/01 Glazier, David International and Comparative Law Review Editor  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15224 LAWO-6031/01 Glazier, David International and Comparative Law Review Staff  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    - No Exam 
15176 LAWO-7066/01 Ghirardelli, Aaron International Commercial Arbitration Moot  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15071 LAWG-4054/D1 Glazier, David International Criminal Law & Policy MW 3:20p-4:50p C401  Take Home 
15146 LAWG-4069/D1 Song, Haiyan International Entertainment Law 1:10p-3:01p B240  5/4/2016 
15499 LAWG-5000/04 Romano, Cesare International Human Rights Clinic 0-14     -    -  
15218 LAWN-4014/E1 Harper, Michael International Taxation II 6:00p-8:00p R205 TBD 
15114 LAWP-4017/D1 Manheim, Karl
Steele, David
Internet Law 3:20p-5:20p R205  5/12/2016 
15126 LAWM-1011/D1 Petherbridge, Lee Introduction to Administrative Law  (First-year elective.) M
B210  5/12/2016 
15490 LAWJ-3003/D1 Ghirardelli, Aaron
Mosemann, Joel
Introduction to American Law     -    -  5/2/2016 
15064 LAWJ-4091/D1 Vairo, Georgene Introduction to Class Actions 3:20p-5:20p B220  Paper 
15102 LAWM-1010/D1 Lapp, Kevin Introduction to Immigration Law  (First-year elective.) F
B240  5/12/2016 
15157 LAWN-1010/D1 Aprill, Ellen Introduction to Income Taxation  (First-year elective.) MW 1:10p-2:40p B240 5/12/2016 
15156 LAWG-1010/D1 Glazier, David Introduction to International Law  (First-year elective.) F
H80  5/12/2016 
15137 LAWG-4060/E1 Romano, Cesare Introduction to International Law TR 6:00p-7:30p B240  No Exam 
15079 LAWJ-4008/D1 Tyler, Kimberly Introduction to Negotiations  (Enrollment limited to 20 students.) 9:50a-11:50a C402  No Exam 
15235 LAWJ-4008/D2 Selan, Courtney Introduction to Negotiations  (Enrollment limited to 20 students.) 3:20p-5:20p G302  No Exam 
15110 LAWJ-4008/E1 Levy, Leonard Introduction to Negotiations  (Enrollment limited to 20 students.) 6:00p-8:00p B210  No Exam 
15018 LAWJ-4008/E2 Diliberto, Michael Introduction to Negotiations  (Enrollment limited to 20 students.) 8:10p-10:10p C402  No Exam 
15213 LAWN-5000/03 Park, Michael
Chang, Catherine
IRS Small Case Tax Clinic  (Graded pass/fail.) 3:50p-5:50p BANNAN No Exam 
15253 LAWO-7010/01 Selan, Courtney Jessup International Moot Court  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15517 LAWH-4007/01 Miller, Eric Jurisprudence Seminar     -    - 
15111 LAWJ-4062/D1 Buckingham, Samantha Juvenile Delinquency Law and Procedure  (Limited to students in Juvenile Justice program.) 1:00p-3:10p TAC  5/11/2016 
15449 LAWD-5000/25 Hawthorne, Christopher Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic  (Limited to students in the JIFS clinic.) 1-14     -    -  
15479 LAWD-5000/31 Hawthorne, Christopher Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic II  (For returning students only.) 1-14     -    -  
15203 LAWD-5000/01 Buckingham, Samantha Juvenile Justice Clinic  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15457 LAWD-5000/28 Soung, Patricia Juvenile Justice Clinic II  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15240 LAWI-4005/D1 Boxer, Jeffrey Labor Law 5:00p-8:00p TAC  5/5/2016 
15470 LAWL-4017/D1 Goodman, Cassandra Landlord Tenant Clinic II 3:50p-5:50p TAC  No Exam 
15061 LAWJ-1005/D1 Wells, Anne Law and Process: Privacy Torts  (Instructor approval required.) T
B220  5/12/2016 
15106 LAWJ-1005/D2 Bakhshian, Susan Law and Process: Privacy Torts  (Instructor approval required.) MR 1:10p-3:10p B220  5/12/2016 
15107 LAWJ-1005/D3 Buhai, Sande Law and Process: Privacy Torts  (Instructor approval required.) F
C403  5/12/2016 
15141 LAWB-4002/E1 Scott, Sean Law of Sales: Domestic and International  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 6:00p-7:30p G302  5/9/2016 
15221 LAWO-6012/01 Hughes, Justin Law Review Editor  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15220 LAWO-6011/01 Hughes, Justin Law Review Staff  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    - No Exam 
15170 LAWJ-4026/D1 Williams, Stephanie Legal Drafting  (Enrollment limited to 20 students.) 1:10p-3:10p R205 Paper 
15237 LAWJ-4026/D2 Scherago, Michael Legal Drafting 1:10p-3:10p B220 Paper 
15163 LAWJ-4026/E1 King, David Legal Drafting  (Enrollment limited to 20 students.) 6:00p-8:00p B220 Paper 
15236 LAWJ-4026/E2 Griffin, Gerald Legal Drafting 8:10p-10:10p FH236 Paper 
15037 LAWJ-1002/D1A Bensinger, Sarah Legal Research and Writing 1:10p-3:10p B240  No Exam 
15039 LAWJ-1002/D1B Dudovitz, Aimee Legal Research and Writing 1:10p-3:10p C403  No Exam 
15040 LAWJ-1002/D2A Lyons, Katherine Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B240  No Exam 
15041 LAWJ-1002/D2B Dant, Mary Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B210  No Exam 
15042 LAWJ-1002/D2C Riordan, Thomas Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B220  No Exam 
15043 LAWJ-1002/D3A Kamita-Wakita, Jennifer Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B240  No Exam 
15046 LAWJ-1002/D3B Johnson, Maureen Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B210  No Exam 
15047 LAWJ-1002/D3C Lyons, Katherine Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B220  No Exam 
15159 LAWJ-1002/D4A Dant, Mary Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B240  No Exam 
15048 LAWJ-1002/D4B Johnson, Maureen Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B210  No Exam 
15049 LAWJ-1002/D4C Wells, Anne Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B220  No Exam 
15051 LAWJ-1002/E1A Dudovitz, Aimee Legal Research and Writing 8:10p-10:10p B240  No Exam 
15053 LAWJ-1002/E1B Riordan, Thomas Legal Research and Writing 8:00p-10:00p R205  No Exam 
15473 LAWJ-1100/01 Delfino, Rebecca Legal Writing and Analysis     -    -  
15005 LAWI-4072/D1 Atik, Jeffery Licensing in a Global Context 3:20p-5:20p FH236 Take Home 
15445 LAWN-5000/04 Jurow Kleiman, Ariel Low Income Taxpayer Clinic 3:50p-5:50p C515 PL 
15045 LAWI-4016/E1 Costello, Jan Marital Property  (Bar course - closed book exam.) 8:10p-10:10p H80  5/4/2016 
15058 LAWJ-4059/D1 Culbert, Mary Mediation  (Enrollment limited to 16 students.) 1:00p-4:00p FIG  Presentation 
15089 LAWJ-4053/E1 Campos, Sara Mediation Advocacy 6:00p-8:00p B210  No Exam 
15165 LAWA-4018/E1 Gelfand, Gary Medical Malpractice Litigation Seminar 6:00p-8:00p FH236 Paper 
15044 LAWI-4020/D1 Costello, Jan Mental Disabilities Law 3:20p-5:20p BANNAN  Take Home 
15118 LAWA-4001/D1 Maynard, Therese Mergers and Acquisitions TR 1:10p-2:40p C401  5/10/2016 
15245 LAWF-4001/D1 Lessoff, David Music Law 1:10p-3:10p BANNAN  5/4/2016 
15254 LAWO-7017/01 Selmi, Daniel National Environmental Moot Court Competition  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15142 LAWE-4012/D1 Selmi, Daniel Natural Resources Law Seminar 1:10p-3:10p FH236  Take Home 
15002 LAWJ-4090/D1 Aragaki, Hiro Negotiation Intensive Workshop 1:00p-4:00p FH236  No Exam 
15204 LAWJ-5000/02 Mitchell, Paula Ninth Circuit Appeals Clinic  (Graded pass/fail.)     -    -  No Exam 
15160 LAWN-4042/D1 Seto, Theodore Partnership Taxation I & II MW 9:50a-11:50a C401 4/28/2016 
15215 LAWN-4015/E1 Santamaria, Monisha Partnership Taxation II 8:10p-10:10p B210 5/3/2016 
15050 LAWJ-3001/D1 Craig, Garrett Professional Responsibility in the United States  (Available only to Foreign LLM students.) 9:50a-11:50a B240  5/3/2016 
15168 LAWC-5000/01 Grant, Adam
Mitchell, Paula

Levenson, Laurie
Project for the Innocent  (Year-long. Instructor approval required. Graded pass/fail.) 12:00p-2:00p FH236  No Exam 
15033 LAWL-1001/D1 Petherbridge, Lee Property  (Bar course - closed book exam.) 8:30a-10:30a G102  5/5/2016 
15034 LAWL-1001/D2 Roberts, Florrie Property  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 8:00a-9:15a H70  5/5/2016 
15035 LAWL-1001/D4 Seto, Theodore Property  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 3:30p-4:45p H70  5/5/2016 
15036 LAWL-1001/E1 Schechter, Dan Property  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MTR 6:00p-7:40p H70  5/5/2016 
15122 LAWI-4009/D1 Ocen, Priscilla Race, Gender and the Law MW 1:10p-2:40p FH126 Take Home 
15082 LAWF-4037/E1 Straus, Newel Reality TV and New Media Production and Distribution 8:10p-10:10p G302  5/5/2016 
15068 LAWJ-4016/D1 Tunick, David Remedies  (Bar course-closed book exam.) MW 1:10p-3:10p H70  5/4/2016 
15006 LAWJ-4016/E1 Bakhshian, Susan Remedies  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 6:00p-8:00p DH  5/4/2016 
15138 LAWF-4034/D1 Rothman, Jennifer Right of Publicity Seminar 9:50a-11:50a G302 Paper 
15103 LAWN-5000/01 Larkin, Michael Sales and Use Tax Clinic  (Graded pass/fail.) 1-14 9:00a-12:00p FH126 No Exam 
15174 LAWO-7020/01 McDermott, John Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition     -    -  No Exam 
15013 LAWO-7011/01 Delfino, Rebecca Scott Moot Court 1:10p-3:10p G202  No Exam 
15226 LAWO-7012/01 Delfino, Rebecca Scott Moot Court Honors Board  (Graded pass/fail.) 0-3 8:10p-10:10p C403  No Exam 
15062 LAWL-4006/D1 Wallace, Alan Secured Transactions in Real Property 5:00p-8:00p C401  5/5/2016 
15007 LAWA-4005/D1 Berdejo, Carlos Securities Regulation TR 10:20a-11:50a C401  5/6/2016 
15112 LAWF-4008/D1 Longo, Joseph Sports Law 9:50a-11:50a H80  5/11/2016 
15216 LAWN-4016/E1 Lynch, Sean State and Local Taxation 6:00p-8:00p B210 Take Home 
15161 LAWN-5000/02 Shaltes, Craig State Income Tax Clinic  (Graded pass/fail.) 1-14 9:00a-12:00p BANNAN No Exam 
15219 LAWN-4041/E1 Fung, Richard
Bowen, Justin
Tax Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions 8:10p-10:10p B210 Take Home 
15214 LAWN-4052/D1 Weigandt, Don Tax Planning for Family Wealth 3:50p-5:50p R205 No Exam 
15133 LAWN-4002/D1 Pratt, Katherine Tax Policy 3:20p-5:20p FH126 Take Home 
15115 LAWP-4015/D1 Manheim, Karl
Nockleby, John
Technology & Privacy  (Online Course. Computer Meeting School Standards & Internet Access Required. 9:00a-10:30a R205 Paper 
15029 LAWK-1001/D2 Nockleby, John Torts  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 8:00a-9:30a H70  5/2/2016 
15030 LAWK-1001/D3 Zimmerman, Adam Torts  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR
H70  5/2/2016 
15031 LAWK-1001/D4 Rothman, Jennifer Torts  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR
G202  5/2/2016 
15032 LAWK-1001/E1 Selmi, Daniel Torts  (Bar course - closed book exam.) 6:00p-8:00p G102  5/2/2016 
15121 LAWK-4002/D1 Nockleby, John Torts II  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 1:10p-2:40p R205  5/4/2016 
15066 LAWK-4002/E1 Fischer, David Torts II  (Bar course - closed book exam.) 8:10p-10:10p C401  5/4/2016 
15091 LAWF-4005/E1 Hughes, Justin Trademark Law MW 6:00p-7:30p H80  Take Home 
15153 LAWO-7022/D1 Trevino, Shannon Transactional Negotiation Team  (Graded pass/fail.)     - FH126  No Exam 
15088 LAWJ-4019/D1 Buhai, Sande Trial Advocacy  (Enrollment limited to 12 students.) 2:50p-5:50p G102  No Exam 
15148 LAWJ-4019/E1 Ravipudi, Rahul Trial Advocacy  (Enrollment limited to 12 students.) 6:00p-9:00p G202  No Exam 
15149 LAWJ-4019/E2 Morgan-Greene, Kimberly Trial Advocacy  (Enrollment limited to 12 students.) 6:00p-9:00p C402  No Exam 
15150 LAWJ-4019/E3 Walker-Probst, Kristin Trial Advocacy  (Enrollment limited to 12 students.) 6:00p-9:00p G202  No Exam 
15151 LAWJ-4019/E4 O'Malley, John Trial Advocacy  (Enrollment limited to 12 students.) 6:00p-9:00p C402  No Exam 
15152 LAWJ-4019/E5 Goethals, Thomas Trial Advocacy  (Enrollment limited to 12 students.) 6:00p-9:00p G202  No Exam 
15008 LAWL-4007/D1 Berger, Michael Trusts and Wills  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 1:10p-3:10p MH  4/29/2016 
15144 LAWL-4007/E1 Sliskovich, Joseph Trusts and Wills  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 6:00p-8:00p DH  4/29/2016 
15243 LAWD-4008/E1 Isaacs, Jeffrey
Gluck, Benjamin
White Collar Crime 6:00p-8:00p BANNAN  TBD 
15019 LAWI-4071/D1 Cohen, Jerilyn Workers' Compensation Law and Procedure 3:20p-5:20p C402  Paper 
15145 LAWJ-4072/D1 Smith, Michael Youth Education Law and Practice  (Instructor approval required.) 5:00p-7:00p FH126  5/3/2016 
15451 LAWD-5000/26 Smith, Michael Youth Justice Education Clinic     -    -  No Exam 
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