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CRN  Subj-Crs/Sec  Professor  Title (notes)  U  Days  Time  Room  UPLE  Exam 
25006 LAWJ-4012/E1 Delfino, Rebecca Appellate Advocacy TR 6:00p-10:00p G202 No Exam 
25015 LAWB-4007/E1 Wells, Anne Bankruptcy TR 6:00p-9:00p B210  7/19/2016 
25011 LAWN-4098/D1 Herzig, David Business Taxation Intensive MTWRF 1:30p-4:00p C403 8/2/2016 
25018 LAWJ-4015/E1 Delfino, Rebecca California Civil Procedure: Practice & Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam.) 6:00p-10:00p B220  7/20/2016 
25019 LAWJ-5000/01 Culbert, Mary Conciliation and Mediation Assistance Clinic at the Center for Conflict Resolution 1-14     -    -  No Exam 
25013 LAWD-4007/E1 Buckingham, Samantha Criminal Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 6:00p-10:00p G102  7/19/2016 
25014 LAWJ-4077/E1 Kennedy, Sean Cross Examination Intensive Workshop 6:00p-10:00p C403  Paper 
25005 LAWJ-2004/E1 Craig, Gary
Lyons, Katherine
Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 6:00p-9:00p G302  7/19/2016 
25012 LAWJ-2003/E1 Miller, Eric Evidence  (Bar course - closed book exam.) TR 6:00p-10:00p C401  7/19/2016 
25001 LAWJ-4065/E1 Bakhshian, Susan
Boylan, Jean
Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing 6:00p-10:00p B220  No Exam 
25010 LAWN-4099/D1 Kowal, Jennifer
Weigandt, Don
Income Taxation Intensive MTWRF 9:30a-11:45a C403 8/5/2016 
25020 LAWB-4002/E1 Scott, Sean Law of Sales: Domestic and International  (Bar course - closed book exam.) MW 6:00p-9:00p G302  7/20/2016 
25009 LAWJ-4026/E1 Johnson, Maureen Legal Drafting 6:00p-10:00p B210 No Exam 
25016 LAWJ-4026/E2 Scherago, Michael Legal Drafting 6:00p-10:00p C402 Paper 
25029 LAWI-4016/E1 Costello, Jan Marital Property 6:00p-10:00p C403  7/19/2016 
25003 LAWI-4070/E1 Buckingham, Samantha Race, Class, and Criminal Justice 6:00p-10:00p TAC  Paper 
25076 LAWN-5000/01 Larkin, Michael Sales and Use Tax Clinic 1-14 9:00a-12:00p TAC PL No Exam 
25077 LAWN-5000/02 Shaltes, Craig State Income Tax Clinic 1-14 9:00a-12:00p R205 PL No Exam 
25021 LAWD-4033/D1 Grant, Adam Wrongful Convictions: Context, Fact, and Fiction 6:00p-10:00p C402  7/20/2016 
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