(LAWW-4050) - 1 UNIT

Whether in the non-profit or private context, lawyers will almost certainly represent clients suffering from the effects of trauma at one point. It is essential that lawyers have a basic understanding of the legal issues that are implicated when representing victims of trauma and/or violence. This seminar will provide basic introductions to different substantive law arenas and provide tools necessary to create a trauma-informed practice. By introducing students to different immigrant populations, this course will expose students to real individuals with real legal issues. Students will also receive the self-care skills necessary to sustain a healthy balance between a demanding legal practice and personal priorities. After each class, students will be expected to write reflections incorporating impressions of the readings and skills learned. At the end of the course, students will have to submit a 6-8 page double spaced final paper regarding a client population of their choice and apply concepts that were learned in class.