(LAWW-4039) - 1 UNIT

You?ve read the case?you know with the fact pattern, the holding, and the reasoning set forth in the opinion. But are you familiar with the standard of review? What is a ?standard of review?? Why is it important? And how do you identify the standard of review for a particular issue?

Because the standard of review plays a significant and sometimes deciding role in many appeals, it is important to become familiar with the concept. Being able to recognize and understand the standard of review allows the reader to comprehend the reasoning of appellate court and to more effectively use legal precedent. However, standards of review are covered very briefly (if at all) in other law school courses, and with good reason ? standards of review are complex, often difficult to understand, and confusing even to experienced legal practitioners. This course is intended to demystify and shed light on the concept. To that end, this course will use readings, class discussions and exercises designed to expose participants to standards of reviews, and how they operate in theory and practice.