(LAWW-4021) - 1 UNIT

Major League Baseball Arbitration will provide an overview of general principles of arbitration in American sports, examine Major League Baseball?s salary arbitration procedure and conclude with the practical application of writing and oral argument skills in a mock Major League Baseball salary arbitration. This course is excellent preparation for those students wishing to participate in Loyola?s Baseball Arbitration team which competes in the Tulane University School of Law?s National Baseball Arbitration Competition.
At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to: identify and understand the nuances of arbitration proceedings in American Sports; use this knowledge to communicate effectively in matters involving disputes with professional athletes; draft a concise Major League Baseball salary arbitration brief; present a PowerPoint or similar presentation and argument in the Major League Baseball salary arbitration context; refine oral advocacy skills in the arbitration setting; understand and effectively communicate baseball statistics, and salary arbitration eligibility for Major League Baseball players; and efficiently and effectively use Excel and PowerPoint charts to persuasively convey data.

Experiential Course