(LAWS-8025) - 1 UNIT

This course examines selected topics in intellectual property law, approaching them from a comparative perspective. It looks at the way controversial issues of IP law and policy are being handled in Israel, Europe (mainly the EU) and in the US in order to identify similarities and differences and to analyze their causes and their implications in a globalized world. The course takes a particular interest in the actors involved in IP law and policy-making and in the design of alternative decision-making processes, in which IP law and policy are shaped and enforced (political, judicial and administrative processes). The goal is to provide a better understanding of how the dynamic of actor participation influences substantive outcomes and the scope of IP rights. The course will touch upon the following themes: digital copyright and the responsibility of Internet Intermediaries for copyright enforcement; the changing role of collecting societies; copyright exceptions and limitations; and the position of the digital consumer. The emphasis is on copyright law and institutions, but the course also explores other IP controversies within the area of patent, trademark and unfair competition law.