(LAWP-8020) - 2 UNITS

There have been significant changes taking place in the legal industry since the early 2000's. Companies have moved beyond only working with law firms to including a large ecosystem of legal service providers to obtain legal services and guidance on how to operate more efficiently and effectively in the 21st Century. Being able to practice law and provide legal advice is table stakes. Law departments are looking to their legal service provider partners to innovate and work differently to help law departments become more efficient and meet their evolving goals and objectives.

This course will explore and provide students with a practical view of innovation and change taking place in the legal industry and its impact on legal service delivery and the business of law. We will look at traditional and emerging business models; drivers of the change; the evolved ecosystem of legal providers - from law firms to law companies; the role of technology; regulatory reform; diversity and inclusion; change management; and how all of these influence the skills required to succeed in delivery of legal services.