(LAWP-4035) - 3 UNITS

In Legal Tech and Access to Justice Practicum, students will be given a unique opportunity not only to discuss but to participate in the use of legal technology as a means of providing broader access to justice to underrepresented groups. In the early classes, students will learn about to the access to civil justice crisis, the legal technology landscape and examples of technology tools used to narrow the justice gap. Topics to be discussed include uses of artificial intelligence, document automation, consumer-facing online legal tools, natural language processing, and better legal internet. Students will then work on one of two projects, 1) work with NLSLA to help build an online triage platform for low-income individuals to access legal services and information or 2) research and write a formal public comment to the California State Bar's Closing the Justice Gap Working Group, a group tasked with developing recommendations for regulatory changes to enhance access to legal services through use of technology.

Most classes will be held at LLS, while some will be at the offices of NLSLA (1102 E. Chevy Chase Dr, Glendale, CA 92105). Students will be required to work 4-8 hours outside of class time depending on the number of units they sign up for.

Satisfies Pro Bono Requirement   Experiential Course