(LAWP-4028) - 2 UNITS

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, and because of more recent events in the United States and throughout the world, there have been significant efforts by the U.S. Government to combat terrorism and other threats to national security. Increased efforts to deal with such threats, however, present difficult policy and practical questions involving the delicate balance between the need to protect the security interests of the public and safeguarding the privacy rights afforded to individuals by the Constitution.

This course examines the intersection between national security investigations and prosecutions and data privacy interests, and involves discussions of Criminal Procedure and the relevant Constitutional Amendments, including the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, surveillance, and the use of the Internet, social media, and chat applications for communication with others. This course also examines the tension between the increased focus by technology companies to create products and applications that protect individual privacy interests and the need to assist the government in national security investigations and prosecutions. Finally, this course will address the newest frontier of threats against national security, namely, cyber hacks and disruptive digital warfare, including attacks against critical infrastructure involving key industries.

Satisfies Writing Requirement