(LAWP-4022) - 2 UNITS

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere and affects every sector of the economy, including law. Disruptive innovation in computer-controlled technologies has lead to self-driving cars, drones, home automation, personal and service robots, automated policing and warfare, and even automated professional services (e.g., law, medicine, financial services). Each of these developments has legal and policy consequences. Today's lawyers must become equipped to handle them.

AI in law has been around for decades with online legal research, but has taken on a new urgency as legal rules begin to adapt to autonomous systems and their business and regulatory environments. This seminar will explore a range of issues at the intersection of law and AI. These may include: AI liability; AI dispute resolution and testimony; AI in entertainment; Intellectual Property in and by AI; legal informatics; regulation of AI; human-robot interactions; antitrust and consumer rights; ethical issues in AI; due diligence, business norms and transactions; privacy in the age of AI; autonomous warriors and police robots; robots in the workplace; and other topics.

Students will present their papers in class at the end of the semester.

Satisfies Writing Requirement