(LAWP-4021) - 3 UNITS

This course is designed specifically for the Loyola Law School students. It assumes minimal knowledge of computers, programming, networks and cybersecurity issues. It will be an introductory course in networked computer systems, how they work, and what happens when they don't. There will be content introducing the systems approach to identifying network functions, interfaces therein, and where vulnerabilities can occur. Also included will be how computer networks are managed and where their protection occurs - or does not occur.

The course will include case studies of networked system security breaches and data thefts. Also addressed will be the consequences of extraordinarily rapid evolution in technology and the difficulties of protective systems to keep up. Law students will gain a sufficient understanding of the cybersecurity field and its issues to effectively address the accompanying legal issues in a practice.

The instructor may adjust the course content to fit the needs of various student capabilities and experience during the semester. Guest lecturers may be invited to share their professional experience in managing cybersecurity for very large networks and highly sensitive data.