(LAWO-7068) - 2 UNITS

The Baseball Arbitration Course is intended to educate students with regard to written and oral arguments in an arbitration setting. The subject matter will be comparative baseball salaries, and modeled after Major League Baseball's arbitration system. Students do not have to be experts in baseball, but a general understanding of the game will be helpful. The first half of the semester will be spent on research and writing briefs arguing the player side or the team side of the argument. The second half of the semester will be spent mastering the oral arguments contained in the brief on behalf of the player or team. At the conclusion of the semester, Professor Longo shall choose 3 students to represent Loyola Law School's team at the Tulane University's Baseball Arbitration Competition. The team will get its assignment in early December, submit its brief in early January, and then travel to New Orleans, LA for the Oral Arguments to be held in January of 2022.

Experiential Course