(LAWN-8065) - 2 UNITS

This online course exposes J.D. and Tax LL.M. students to cutting-edge contemporary tax policy scholarship. After a brief introduction to tax policy concepts and vocabulary, the course consists of weekly presentations and discussions of works-in-progress written by invited tax scholars. Students are expected to carefully read, in advance, the paper assigned each week, prepare and submit five written questions for each paper, and write and submit nine 3-5 page reaction papers over the course of the semester. Grades will be based on the nine reaction papers, weekly written questions, and participation in online discussions.

Admission is by permission of the instructors; a student interested in enrolling should submit a brief letter, explaining why he or she is interested, a resume, and a transcript to Professor Aprill, Professor Pratt, and Professor Aprill's assistant, Souania Moua. No more than seven J.D. students will be admitted. (There is no fixed cap on LLM/MT/MLS/JSD enrollment in the course.)

Tax LLM Course  


Income Taxation I (LAWN-4001) 
Federal Income Taxation (LAWN-8001) 
Introduction to Income Taxation (LAWN-1010)