(LAWN-4075) - 2 UNITS

This course builds on the Tax Policy Colloquium, incorporating a research component, and is designed for students with an interest in producing academic scholarship or teaching law school courses in the field of taxation. After a brief review of tax policy concepts and vocabulary, the weekly course meetings consist of presentations and discussions of works-in-progress written by invited tax scholars. Prior to each weekly presentation, students will carefully read the assigned paper and submit three written questions for the author. In addition, over the course of the semester, students will write and submit three written assignments. Two of the three writing assignments will be either (1) an advanced reaction paper, similar to the reaction papers submitted in the Tax Policy Colloquium, but also requiring the student to read and incorporate the main sources on which the Colloquium paper relies; or (2) a blog or op-ed piece, to be submitted for publication, related to the topic addressed in the Colloquium paper. The third writing assignment will be either (1) a brief, annotated literature review of the topic addressed in the Colloquium paper, with the Colloquium paper placed in context; or (2) an abstract, explaining the student's "scholarly agenda" to write a future academic paper, on a topic related to the Colloquium paper, with a brief literature review incorporating 4-5 sources. (With permission of the instructors, students can substitute a footnoted academic term paper for the three writing assignments.) Grades will be based on students' weekly written questions, participation in class discussion, and three writing assignments or term paper.

Admission is by permission of the instructors; a student interested in enrolling should submit a brief letter, explaining why he or she is interested, a resume, and a transcript to Professor Aprill, Professor Pratt, and Professor Aprill's assistant, Souania Moua. No more than seven J.D. students will be admitted.

Tax LLM Course