(LAWN-1010) - 3 UNITS

Introduction to Tax will involve law as puzzle solving; law as codifying our nations social values about such diverse issues as family, medical care, and housing; and law as learning the policies and principle behind your own income tax liability and that of members of your family, introduction to income tax is the course for you. The course will involve not only close reading of cases but also an introduction to how statutes, regulations and other forms of administrative guidance operate, skills important for so many areas of law. Moreover, a basic understanding of income tax is important to lawyers no matter what their practice ? family law, public interest law, transactional work, and litigation. If you take the course and discover a true passion for tax, you will have many ways in which to pursue that passion; tax lawyers themselves work in many settings ? some work in-house, some plan transactions, others litigate.

Tax LLM Course