(LAWJ-4230) - 2 UNITS

Eviction law is unique in that it encompasses almost every aspect of civil litigation in a highly compressed timeline. In only about six weeks, litigants will: file their pleadings; propound discovery; take depositions; make, oppose, and argue motions; prepare jury documents; prepare their witnesses; and go to trial. In this course, students will participate in every step of the litigation process in a hands-on way. We will experience how the rules of civil procedure shape virtually every aspect of a case. We will propound and respond to discovery, draft, oppose, and argue motions, and write a trial brief outlining our client?s factual position and legal arguments. Students interested in pursuing any type of litigation will benefit from this hands-on simulation of the real-world, day-to-day work that attorneys do.

Satisfies Writing Requirement   Experiential Course  


Civil Procedure (LAWJ-1001)