(LAWJ-4220) - 1 UNIT

In this course, you will assume the role of a member of a law firm management committee and learn to analyze a wide range of business and legal issues that are commonplace in law firm leadership. Whether you start a new law firm or rise through the ranks of an established law firm, understanding the business of law is crucial to your success as an attorney. Class sessions will feature weekly interactive presentations with the professor and other experienced guest speakers as well as practical simulations that allow students to confront and respond to real-world situations. In addition to in-class presentations and simulations, students will have supplemental readings, sample documents, and case studies that will further illustrate the issues that are explored each week. Topics are expected to include, but are not limited to, firm leadership and morale, ethical challenges in firm operations, risk management, firm financial business models and insights, lawyer recruiting/retention/compensation, employment issues, and business development.


Ethical Lawyering (LAWJ-2004)