(LAWJ-4170) - 2 UNITS

Whether it is leading a project, a team of people or an entire organization, lawyers lead. Essential to being a successful lawyer and giving great legal advice is having an appreciation of the role of leadership and the organizational and business contexts in which lawyers work. This interactive course will explore the role of leadership, leadership principles and the intersection of lawyers and the law in business and other organizational settings, including corporations, law firms, higher education, and politics. We will learn from case studies, social science literature and current events, and analyze styles of leadership, personal branding, organizational culture and change management, the role of trust and communication, and how understanding these can drive decision making and organizational success and failure.

Loyola Law School alumni, other lawyers and executives occupying leadership positions will also serve as guest speakers. Students will engage in the Clifton StrengthsFinder or similar exercise; participate in class discussions; have several written exercises; and participate in several group out-of-class exercises. Grading is Pass/Fail.