(LAWJ-4160) - 2 UNITS

Much of the work of the social change lawyer starts long before stepping foot into a courtroom or an administrative agency. This course will explore the various forums, strategies, issues, and tactics available to the social change lawyer. The course will teach critical skills and substantive law through the lens of several real-life social change actions. You will learn important skills related to media advocacy, lobbying the legislature, litigating in the public interest, and advocacy before administrative agencies. We will also explore ethical and professional conduct issues that are unique to public interest advocacy. From effectively working with clients living with disabilities, to working with co-counsel and opposing counsel, to developing a multi-prong strategy to achieve social change, the social change lawyer is faced with many unique opportunities and challenges. Regardless of whether you pursue a career as a social change lawyer, the skills and issues we will focus on in this course will make you a more effective advocate for your client.

Civil Procedure (LAWJ-1001)