(LAWJ-4110) - 3 UNITS

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still unfolding, coronavirus related class actions continue to grow and mass actions might follow. The current pending COVID-19 class actions include actions against banks and financial institutions, employers, governments and public officials, insurers, manufacturers and sellers of products with medical, sanitation, and hygiene applications, public companies (sued by shareholders in reference to statements and omissions concerning the impact of COVID-19), cruises, and class actions and mass torts are expected to expand to more and more industries, jurisdictions, and areas of the law. As legislators, courts, and law firms are trying to adjust and become equipped to properly deal with these new cases and their new related doctrinal and practical challenges, this 4 unit course is intended to do the same, i.e., offer students the tools to effectively deal with the new complex litigation and its challenges. Through a particular emphasis on the currently pending COVID-19 related class actions, this course will insist on Fed. R. Civ. P. 23 but also look at any relevant state class action rule, as well as the federal courts and civil procedure doctrines affecting the success of complex litigation (e.g., personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, service of process, sovereign immunity, foreign sovereign immunity, discovery, settlement).


Civil Procedure (LAWJ-1001)