(LAWJ-4075) - 3 UNITS

This trial advocacy class builds on skills that the students would have learned in a basic trial advocacy course, although that class is not a requirement or prerequisite for this one. Emphasis is on the controlling law for a toxic tort case and trial in California, as well as techniques of persuasion and practical aspects of presentation of evidence and arguments at trial. Students in this intensive course will also learn about working with focus groups, developing and refining cases, theories and themes, selecting juries in light of the case theory being pursued, and both presenting and objecting to exhibits and expert testimony. Students will work throughout the semester towards a final jury trial that will be held during the last week of class.
The course will combine limited lecture and roundtable discussion as well as preparation for the final jury trial during the course of the semester. Materials will include case law to be provided by the professor as well as Mauet's Trials (Aspen Publishing, 2005). Students are expected to provide a significant amount of input for preparation of the final jury trial, including consideration of pertinent evidence and objections as well as organization and presentation of evidence and argument. The final jury trial will be based on an actual toxic tort case, for which all necessary evidentiary materials will be provided. Students will be free to work on the final trial throughout the semester, incorporating strategies, tactics and techniques learned during the course of the semester.

Experiential Course