(LAWJ-4065) - 2 UNITS

This class will cover the fundamentals of bar exam essay writing and performance examination writing. The first class will be an introduction to the bar exam components and topics. The next several classes will focus on the details of essay exam writing, including a mock lecture (on ethics) and a graded practice exam taken under timed conditions. The final several classes will focus on the performance exam, including in class review of exams and administration of at least two practice exams under bar exam conditions.

Students will be assigned examinations to complete before each class and students will take exams during class under timed conditions. Overall, students will review in class 3 or 4 essay exams and 4 performance exams. In addition, students will receive written feedback on 1 essay exam and 2 performance exams taken under timed conditions. In total, students will review 10 or more bar exam questions over the course. Grading is pass/fail but students will be withdrawn from the course and/or given a failing grade for missing more than one class, failing to turn in any written assignments on time, or failing to complete any practice examination.


Ethical Lawyering (LAWJ-2004)