(LAWJ-4060) - 3 UNITS

A working group of Indian lawyers is now drafting a first-ever mediation law that it plans to introduce in Parliament sometime early next year. The group is interested in receiving advice from the professor and students in this course about what such a mediation law should look like. In this unique, one-time-only course, students will have the opportunity to analyze and draft proposed mediation legislation for consideration by the working group in India. The hope is that the working group will incorporate some of the ideas generated by students in class, giving students a chance to influence the trajectory of mediation in India and beyond.

Through a combination of lectures, presentations by guest speakers, skype conferences with colleagues in India, and roundtable discussion, students will learn the about following (in rough order of priority): (a) international mediation treaties and the mediation laws of ?leading? jurisdictions throughout the world (e.g., U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands), (b) the key mediation/alternative dispute resolution (ADR) policy issues and how they have been resolved through different mediation law models; (c) the basics of Indian law and government, and (d) basic principles of legislative drafting.

Admission to the class is by consent of the instructor only. A more detailed description of the class, together with requirements for admission and successful completion, may be found on the ProDRD website: https://prodrd.lls.edu/. This class will count toward any elective requirements for the Civil Litigation & Advocacy, International & Comparative Law, and Public Interest Law concentrations, and will count toward the 40 hour Pro Bono graduation credit. Further questions should be directed to hiro.aragaki@lls.edu.

Satisfies Pro Bono Requirement