(LAWJ-4040) - 1 UNIT

Many aspiring transactional attorneys assume that once they leave law school their research and writing days will be over. This is not true. Although a transactional practice does not typically involve researching and writing briefs for court, it does involve researching the current state of the law, including the formal and informal statements from regulatory agencies, and writing memos on what you've found. The practice involves advising clients as to whether they can, cannot, or must do something, and if so, how to do it. As such, a transactional attorney must be adept at researching different legal issues, their requirements, and pitfalls. This course will focus on resources used by transactional attorneys in their daily practice and more generally ways to develop research strategies for whatever problems a client brings. We will pay particular attention to resources available on Bloomberg Law and Westlaw's Practical Law. This course satisfies the research requirement for the Corporate law, Entertainment law, and Law & Entrepreneurship concentrations, but is open to all students. Grading is P/NP, based on completion of research projects. Classes will take place during the first seven weeks of the semester only.

Please note that students who have taken Core Legal Research or Legal Research Fundamentals for the Litigator will not be permitted to enroll in this course. Enrollment in this course will also prevent you from taking either of those two courses.