(LAWJ-4028) - 2 UNITS

This interactive, skills-based course will meet only for the first seven weeks of the fall semester. It has two goals: The first is to train students in a non-adversarial, collaborative approach to lawyering?one in which the lawyer advocates for his/her client through creative problem-solving rather than through a win/lose or right/wrong mindset. This approach will be useful in a wide variety of professional settings, from litigation (where the vast majority of cases settle rather than go to trial), transactional work, government service, management/human resources, policy or consulting work, and client counseling. We will read classics in the problem solving negotiation canon such as Getting to Yes and conduct weekly conflict-based simulations.

The second goal is to serve as a training ground for students interested in participating in the ICC Commercial Mediation Competition that is held each February in Paris. The top four students from this class will be invited to compete on Loyola?s team. This class is therefore a prerequisite for anyone wishing to try out for the team; however, there is no requirement for any student enrolled in this class to try out for the team.

Note: There is no guarantee that Loyola will be selected to participate in the ICC mediation competition every year. If we are not selected for some reason, every effort will be made to find a suitable alternative mediation competition, either in the US or abroad.

Experiential Course