(LAWI-5020) - 3 UNITS

The Workers' Rights Clinic course is a unique collaboration between Loyola Law School and Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County. The course will provide a broad overview of employment law issues, exploring the relationship between employer and employee and focusing on workers' rights, duties, and legal obligations. The course will cover topics that control the employer-employee relationship, starting with major definitional questions like "who is an employee," and what distinguishes employees from independent contractors (and why this matters so much to workers in the gig economy). We will focus on employment law areas most pertinent to low wage workers, including California wage and hour laws, unemployment insurance and other wage replacement programs, as well as family leave rights and time off work. As part of the course, students will have the opportunity to assist low wage workers involved in claims before the California Labor Commissioner's Office, the Employment Development Department, the California Unemployment Insurance and Appeals Board, and/or the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing under the supervision of clinical faculty and other attorneys. During the semester, students will develop the ability to think critically and read, analyze, and evaluate legal statutes and case decisions. Students will learn to identify and understand substantive legal and ethical issues affecting low wage workers, including conflicting views on legal and policy arguments. Students will be assessed on a pass/fail basis based on clinic participation and written work product that they produce through the clinic.

Satisfies Pro Bono Requirement   Experiential Course