(LAWI-4210) - 3 UNITS

Conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people has defied resolution for 75 years; recent events make it seem more intractable than ever. But the original vision of the United Nations - separate sovereign Jewish and Palestinian states coexisting side-by-side - logically remains the best hope for a just solution for all concerned. This course will challenge students to immerse themselves in the history and factual realities of the situation to develop an understanding of the perspectives of those on both sides and the key legal and practical issues requiring resolution. We will then use those insights to endeavor to collaboratively craft a compromise solution meeting the core economic, political, and security needs of both peoples.

Each student will be expected to write a research paper on one aspect of the dispute, present their findings to the class, and participate in discussions aimed at identifying a collectively developed solution. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor. Prof. Glazier can be contacted at

Satisfies Writing Requirement