(LAWI-4089) - 2 UNITS

This seminar explores Reproductive Justice ("RJ") as a paradigm for understanding reproductive oppression - that is, the subordination of individuals through their bodies, sexualities, and abilities to reproduce. The RJ paradigm picks up where a reproductive rights framework ends. It contends that the fight for equality and dignity in matters relating to reproduction continues beyond a successful argument that the Constitution ought to protect a "right' to privacy, "right" to access contraception, or "right" to an abortion. An RJ framework observes that "rights" are given meaning - and lose meaning - according to the race, class, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status, and physical and mental ability (among other attributes) of the rights bearer. As such, RJ analyzes reproductive experiences within a complex context and with respect to the multiple statuses of the persons involved. This seminar will explore RJ as it speaks to assisted reproductive technologies, health care policy, immigration, incarceration, environmental justice, and economic inequality, among other topics.

Satisfies Writing Requirement