(LAWI-4085) - 4 UNITS

This one-semester course totaling four credit hours split between a two credit hour seminar and a two credit hour clinic will provide students an opportunity to develop lawyering skills transferable to any legal environment and and substantive knowledge about employment law, with a focus on wage and hour law. Students will also have the opportunity to wrestle with questions about the role of a lawyer in movements for social change and how to use legal strategies in conjunction with other, non-legal strategies to achieve a social justice goal. The clinical element of the course will involve representing low-wage immigrant workers on the docket of Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles or the Wage Justice Center in administrative proceedings and/or civil lawsuits, with an emphasis on cases with a nexus to the San Gabriel Valley. Students will receive substantive research and writing and interviewing experiences, which may including writing litigation or opening memos, drafting hearing briefs, writing legal research memos, drafting declarations, interviewing clients and/or witnesses, and/or preparing clients for mediation or settlement, or representing clients at hearings. Students will be assessed on a pass/fail basis based on the written work product that they produce through the clinic.

Satisfies Pro Bono Requirement