(LAWI-4084) - 3 UNITS

Questions like "who is an employee? or an independent contractor?" have long been part of labor law. But with the emergence of what we call the Gig economy, there are many exciting new developments within virtually every area within the world of work. Keen observers recognize that the United States must sort out who has what rights within the workplace. But how? This course will survey the entirety of private sector labor law, as well as address the emerging issues within of alt-labor (think of the fast food workers demanding a raise outside of traditional labor unions). The exciting developments within traditional and nontraditional organizing in the workplace will be addressed. Course participants will be expected to bring their own knowledge-base to bare on the subject matter, as employees, independent contractors, or consumers. Class participation is strongly encouraged, and will play a prominent role in grading. Both law and practical application of the law are emphasized.

Professor Boxer is a labor lawyer who previously worked with traditional labor unions, and is currently the Executive Director and General Counsel for the Content Creators Coalition (c3). C3 is an alt-labor organization/trade association that works almost exclusively in the world of music as an artist-run alt-labor project.