(LAWI-4081) - 3 UNITS

This is a three-unit course designed to give students a practical understanding of some of the various issues public interest lawyers confront in their practices.

The class will introduce the students to a broad range of issues and will cover a number of topics relating to public interest law practice, including:

-Defining public interest law and discovering its historical development;

-Examining motivations to practice public interest law;

-Discussing where public interest lawyers practice and the many different roles public interest lawyers play in advocacy;

-Introducing the range, challenges, and realities of public interest legal practice;

-Exploring the tools and strategies public interest lawyers use, including litigation, policy advocacy, media advocacy, and community engagement;

-Understanding the public interest lawyer-client relationship and working with various communities of clients;

-Reviewing the ethics of public interest lawyering;

-Developing a public interest lens through which to view the law school experience; and

-Educating future public interest lawyers.