(LAWI-4079) - 4 UNITS

The Employment Rights Clinic is a unique collaboration between Loyola Law School and the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE or Labor Commissioner) in which students will investigate, mediate, and recommend outcomes for employment retaliation claims filed with the DLSE. The one-semester course includes a weekly two-hour classroom seminar. The classroom seminar will cover substantive state and federal anti-retaliation law, the broader universe of employment laws in which retaliation may occur, and the role of the Labor Commissioner in regulating the workplace. Students will also be required to investigate employment retaliation claims filed with the DLSE. Each student will be assigned an individual case for which s/he will conduct telephonic interviews of the parties and witnesses, review documentary evidence provided by the parties, attempt to mediate a settlement (where appropriate), and write a decision if the case does not settle. While there will be instructor-imposed deadlines set for different stages of the investigation conducted by each student, there is no fixed schedule or location for completion of the investigation component of the clinic.

Instructor approval is required to participate.

Satisfies Pro Bono Requirement   Experiential Course  


Civil Procedure (LAWJ-1001) 
Evidence (LAWJ-2003)  (can be taken concurrently)