(LAWI-4003) - 3 UNITS

This three unit seminar course with a practical component covers legal and policy issues related to developing, protecting and preserving affordable, safe and accessible housing. Topics will include landlord-tenant law, affordable housing and community development issues (including gentrification, rent control and redevelopment), slum housing issues (including habitability and code enforcement), publicly-subsidized housing, relocation, homelessness and fair housing. Course content will include the relevant administrative law and civil procedure. The practical component requires 20 hours of work at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles with a focus on interviewing and client communication, factual investigation, and legal drafting. The three-unit grade would be based on a final exam and the practical component. The 20 hour practical component combined with classroom training component would satisfy the 40 hour pro-bono graduation requirement. Satisfactory completion of the course qualifies the student for specialized externship including an opportunity to handle a housing case from start to finish including a trial, administrative hearing or settlement. Completion of Evidence is required for certification and representation of a client.

Evidence (LAWJ-2003)  (can be taken concurrently)
LAW-2J03  (can be taken concurrently)