(LAWH-4016) - 3 UNITS

This course explores questions of legal culture and popular culture through scholarly readings, review of selected films, TV programs and novels, and in-class discussion of original papers prepared by students during the course. As one way of looking at the intersection of law and popular culture, we will study, among other matters, a number of major trials that have now been largely forgotten by the general public, including the trials of Mary Surratt (1865), Sacco and Vanzetti (1920), the Scottsboro Boys (1931), Bruno Hauptmann (1935, for the murder of the Lindbergh baby) and Sam Sheppard (1953). At one time, each of these trials garnered as much public interest as did the 1995 criminal trial of O.J. Simpson. Each had a major impact on legal and popular culture. The course requires, among other work, watching selected films and TV programs outside of class and preparation of a substantial paper. Class attendance is required.

Satisfies Writing Requirement