(LAWG-4056) - 1 UNIT

The Practicum is a full year course totaling seven credit hours. Fall semester begins with a two credit hour seminar designed to teach students the practical lawyering skills required for effective immigrant justice advocacy. The fall semester seminar will cover both substantive law and legal practice skills. For example, the course will cover specific issues of counseling clients of different classes and ethnicities. Also, the course will look at specific substantive topics in immigration such as the intersection between immigration enforcement and the constitutional rights of noncitizens. The fall semester seminar will be graded with a letter grade. Grades will be based on completion of reflection papers over the course of the semester and one final paper, approximately 15 pages, on an immigrants' rights legal issue or a lawyering/advocacy strategy.

The fall seminar is followed by five units in the spring semester divided into a one credit hour seminar and a four credit hour field externship. Students must commit to completing both semesters. Students may not increase or decrease the number of units for the course. During the spring semester, students will be placed in an experiential learning environment with a partner public interest legal organization that has a significant immigration or immigrants? rights practice area for a four unit field externship. Students are not permitted to find their own placements. Students will work at their assigned public interest legal organization for sixteen hours per week.

The spring semester seminar is graded pass/fail. Grades will be based on completion of journal entries, a final reflection paper, and evaluation feedback from the field organizations.

Experiential Course  

Immigrant Justice Practicum: Lawyering Skills I (LAWG-4055) 
Immigration Law (LAWG-4017)