(LAWG-4022) - 2 UNIT

This course exposes students to immigration issues that transcend the U.S.-Mexico border. Students enrolled in the class will be exposed to policy and current legal issues, and gain practical skills in client representation. As part of the course, students are required to attend a one-week intensive trip to El Paso, Texas over Spring Break. During the trip, students will engage in a variety of activities including visiting the border, an ICE detention center (pending government approval), and the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Students also will work closely with a local nonprofit, United Neighborhood Organization ("UNO"), to conduct consultations, legal research, and make in-court appearances on behalf of noncitizens facing removal from the United States. Students enrolled in the course must be available from Sunday, March 1, to Saturday, March 7, for the trip to El Paso, Texas. Students enrolled in the course must cover their travel, accommodation and meal costs. Professor approval is required for enrollment in the course.

Satisfies Pro Bono Requirement   Experiential Course  


Immigration Law (LAWG-4017)  (can be taken concurrently)