(LAWG-4003) - 6 UNITS

The International Human Rights Practicum gives students the chance to do hands-on, immersive, international human rights work. Through the International Human Rights Center, students engage in litigation and/or advocacy on behalf of victims of international human rights violations. While students work on all stages of an individual case, or engage in advocacy efforts on particular thematic issues, they learn how to conceptualize and strategize diverse approaches and grapple with practical, ethical, methodological and theoretical challenges involved. Through the IHR Practicum, Loyola's students have the opportunity to expand their perspectives and reach the world from Los Angeles. Over the years, students have worked on cases and situations in dozens of countries, in all continents.

Students sign up for two consecutive terms (fall and spring) and earn up to three units (pass/fail) per term, for maximum 6 units. All units are fail/pass and count toward the completion of the pro bono graduation requirement.

Students enrolled in the IHR Practicum meet once a week for one hour (days and hours will be determined once students have enrolled and made their calendars) as a group with Prof. Romano to discuss international human rights topics, develop attorney skills, and review project work.

Only 4 to 6 students per year are admitted in the IHR Practicum. It is not infrequent for students who have completed the practicum to continue working at the International Human Rights Center after completion of the practicum or even graduation.

Students interested in the IHR practicum are strongly encouraged to reach out to Prof. Romano to discuss their interest.

Satisfies Pro Bono Requirement   Experiential Course  


International Protection of Human Rights (LAWG-4007)  (can be taken concurrently)