(LAWF-4071) - 2 UNITS

Entertainment Law Advocacy is a pass/fail two unit course designed to (1) introduce students interested in entertainment law to the process of appellate advocacy via a problem current in entertainment law, and (2) select the next year's Entertainment Moot Court team who will compete in at the national Pepperdine and Cardozo competitions. Participating students will receive an Entertainment Law-based problem, draft an appellate brief, and prepare an oral argument to present to the class. At the end of the semester, three of the top-performing students will be invited to join the next year's Entertainment Moot Court team. NOTE: Although the course is open to 2Ls and higher, only those students who will be at Loyola the following year (i.e. 2Ls, 2Es, and 3Es) will be eligible to join the Loyola team at the end of the semester.

Experiential Course