(LAWF-4066) - 2 UNITS

In this seminar, we will study a set of 6-8 scholarly projects, either recently published articles or works-in-progress across the range of intellectual property and information law. Most of these scholarly projects will be presented by visiting speakers. For 2022, we are planning on our guest speakers including experts from George Mason University, Texas A&M, UCLA, the University of Colorado, and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

On Mondays when we have a visiting speaker, seminar students will be required to attend the speaker's noon talk (snacks or light lunch will be provided). After a short break, the class will reconvene in our seminar room for a more in-depth discussion with the speaker. In weeks without a guest speaker, we will meet in a regular seminar class format. Students may use laptops in the public talk (noon to 1pm), but are not to use laptops during seminar discussion (whether or not following a presentation). Students will be evaluated on a paper and seminar participation: the paper may either be a response to one of the scholarly projects presented or on a topic agreed upon by the student and Professor Hughes

To enroll in the seminar, a student must have completed at least two intellectual property or entertainment law courses, including at least one basic single-subject matter IP course (Copyright Law, Trademark Law, or Patent Law) OR the student must have permission from Professor Hughes.


Copyright Law (LAWF-4003) 
Trademark Law (LAWF-4005) 
Patent Law (LAWF-4006)