(LAWF-4066) - 2 UNITS

In this seminar, we will study a set of 7-9 scholarly projects, either recently published articles or works-in-progress across the range of intellectual property and information law. Most of these scholarly projects will be presented by visiting speakers; this year we will host professors from Georgetown, NYU, Santa Clara University, Texas A&M, the University of Colorado, the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Vanderbilt, Victoria University in New Zealand, and Willamette.

On Mondays when we have a visiting speaker, seminar students will be required to attend the speaker?s noon talk (snacks or light lunch will be provided). After a short break, the class will reconvene in our seminar room for a more in-depth discussion with the speaker. In weeks without a guest speaker, we will meet in a regular seminar class format.

Students will be evaluated on a paper and seminar participation: the paper may either be a response to one of the scholarly projects presented or on a topic agreed upon by the student and Professor Hughes. At least one of the basic single-subject matter IP courses (Copyright Law, Trademark Law, or Patent Law) is a pre-requisite for this seminar. The pre-requisite may be waived by the instructor.

Copyright Law (LAWF-4003) 
Trademark Law (LAWF-4005) 
Patent Law (LAWF-4006)