(LAWF-4040) - 2 UNITS

This 2-credit course will provide an in-depth survey of the law of trade secrets, a burgeoning and increasingly important area of the law of business. In reading the expanding legal literature regarding trade secrets, one comes across expressions such as dynamic and growing. Indeed.
By the end of this course, a student should have an elevated professional awareness and a growing appreciation of matters including the following:
1. The history of the development of trade secret law; and
2. The current law of trade secrets in the US generally and California in particular (and to a lesser extent internationally); and
3. The placement of trade secrets law in the context of other intellectual property laws (patents, copyrights, trademarks, databases) and its relationshipto them; and
4. The placement of trade secrets law in the context of business torts, employment law, breach of contract and its relationship to them; and
5. The civil litigation of trade secrets cases, especially but not only in California; and
6. The criminal law relating to trade secrets; and
7. The relationship of trade secret law to other societal interests, such as free expression; and
8. Practical steps for preserving trade secrets and other confidential information, including in employment situations and in dealings with government regulatory bodies.