(LAWF-4015) - 2 UNITS

This course will examine and provide a practical look inside the business, legal and financial aspects of the television industry. Class sessions will be augmented with television industry professionals who will share their practical knowledge and experiences. Students will participate in a "real-life" negotiation exercise, which will give students the unique opportunity to apply and further understand how a deal is actually made between the business affairs negotiator and agent. The following subjects, among others, will be studied: the various TV distribution methods; the financial incentives to Networks vs. Studios; vertical integration of entertainment companies; negotiation of television talent contracts (including writer/executive producer and on-screen talent contracts); fixed vs. contingent compensation to talent; merchandising; intellectual property issues as they relate to scripted and unscripted programming; music issues; labor unions
and guilds; immigration issues; employment of minors and children's programming and the FCC.