(LAWF-4013) - 1 UNIT

This course is an introduction to the practical aspects of entertainment law practice. The course has three components: (1) a field placement of at least 104 hours of unpaid work in an entertainment industry law department, firm or talent guild; (2) seven on-campus classroom meetings (scheduled approximately bi-weekly), attendance at which is MANDATORY; and (3) a 5-page page paper.

Students will be responsible for obtaining their own field placements. Information concerning potential placements are available on the ELP website, but the Law School cannot assure students that a placement will be found by every student who seeks one. The search for a field placement should commence sufficiently in advance of the semester during which the student will take the ELP course so that the field placement will be in place no later than the beginning of the semester. Students must be supervised during the field placement by a faculty member for it to comply with this course requirement. Please contact the Private Field Placement Department for approval of the private field placement prior to beginning the field placement.

If a student is working a paid entertainment internship, the student may enroll in the ELP course for one unit. The student will not receive any field placement units; credit for paid field work is not permitted.

While students will receive credit towards their experiential unit requirements if they are enrolled in an unpaid private field placement, students will not receive experiential units for taking the ELP course itself.

The course will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Students on academic probation are not eligible to enroll.