(LAWE-4011) - 2 UNITS

A world-wide consensus of scientists warns that climate change is real and that it threatens unprecedented planetary disasters. Even a Pentagon report finds it plausible that climate change will soon bring security risks worse than terrorism, with mega-droughts, widespread famine, rioting, and wars fought over survival rather than ideology or religion. This course examines the science and economics of climate change, assesses the risks, and analyzes the complex legal framework of international, federal, state and local law that is being constructed to address the threat. International law includes the Climate Change Convention and its Kyoto Protocol, the greenhouse gas targets for each country, carbon trading system, clean development mechanism and obligations of developing nations such as China and India. Federal law includes U.S. energy legislation, automobile fuel economy standards, and Congressional proposals for regulation of carbon emissions. State and local law includes energy and automobile regulations in California and other states directed at greenhouse gases, as well as local government initiatives such as the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.