(LAWD-4080) - 2 UNITS

Prosecutors wield enormous power and how they exercise their discretion can result in real justice that serves society in the long run. However, new prosecutors do not necessarily learn how to use this power in law school and, if they are hired by an office that does provide training, the focus often is on the nuts and bolts of prosecuting a variety of cases. That leaves new prosecutors with an enormous amount of power and potentially little knowledge about how to wield it in ways that promote real justice.

Through a combination of lectures, discussions, written materials and guest speakers, this course will teach law students to think like a modern prosecutor and understand a prosecutor's enormous discretionary power. Topics include adolescent brain development and the impact trauma has on minors to the collateral consequences of misdemeanor convictions. The course objective is to prepare future prosecutors to exercise their discretion responsibly and in ways that promote real justice when they start practicing. This course also is beneficial for students interested in pursuing a career as a defense attorney because they will learn how to effectively interact with modern prosecutors


Criminal Law (LAWD-1001)