(LAWD-4050) - 2 UNITS

This course will examine the role of oversight in law enforcement practices in the United States, including the essential role of civilian oversight panels; the need for de-escalation in police encounters; the effectiveness of current performance measures for law enforcement; and the public distrust of police. Attention will be given to both patrol and custody operations in policing agencies, and how both are examined and constrained through oversight mechanisms. We will examine existing administrative processes to review officers' actions, even before a lawsuit is initiated, especially after the use of lethal force on civilians or the denial of constitutional rights to people in custody. Last, the course will offer modern day perspectives on progressive policing practices and "stand-out" oversight mechanisms, keeping in mind that oversight mechanisms are meant to make law enforcement agencies more transparent and accountable to the public they serve. Grades will be based on class participation, class assignments, and a final paper.

Satisfies Writing Requirement  


Criminal Law (LAWD-1001) 
Criminal Procedure (LAWD-4007)