(LAWC-4038) - 3 UNITS

This course provides students with a hands-on opportunity to draft a formal Constitution in a small-group setting. Focusing on constitutional issues and choices rather than rules or doctrines, each week the class examines and compares different approaches to basic issues involved in constitutional choices. This mapping exercise sets the stage for the small-group drafting exercises, in which each group drafts constitutional text (with annotations) on each topic. Covered topics include: judicial review, horizontal separation of powers, vertical federalism, equality & antisubordination, fundamental individual rights, freedom of expression, and religion (completion of constitutional law courses that cover these topics are strongly recommended.) Most assigned readings come from the course text, GLOBAL ISSUES IN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (Brian Landsberg & Leslie Jacobs 2007) which are available for purchase at the book store.

This methodology requires assimilation of different concepts and their collaborative application in a formal legal text. At the end of this process, each group will present its constitutional proposals to the class, which then will discuss and vote on the adoption of particular provisions. Final course grades are based on 1) the weekly drafting exercises, 2) the end-of-semester group presentations and 3) individual attendance, timeliness, preparation and general participation in class discussions throughout the entire semester.