(LAWC-4012) - 3 UNITS

This course explores the federal court system in depth, addressing the scope of federal jurisdiction, choice of law in the federal system, the power of the federal courts to create substantive law, and the role of the federal courts in enforcing federal law against state officials. Other topics include Pullman abstention, Younger abstention, the Anti-Injunction Act, and other doctrines (including the Eleventh Amendment and sovereign immunity) that limit the power of the federal courts in cases that affect the states, their courts, and their officials. The course will also include an overview of the role of Section 1983 actions in ensuring compliance by state and local officials with federal law, as well as a brief overview of writs of habeas corpus.

Students who have taken or are taking Federal Courts and Section 1983 Litigation (LAWC-4070) are ineligible to take this course.