(LAWB-5002) - 2 UNITS

This practicum offers law students a unique opportunity to work directly with clients in need. Local attorneys Barry Borowitz and M. Erik Clark of Borowitz & Clark LLP will provide 18 hours of instruction. Instruction will focus on substantive bankruptcy law and procedure and address issues involving professional responsibility within the bankruptcy context. One class will also be devoted to consumer law issues that all bankruptcy practitioners should be familiar with. During the semester students will interview up to four people looking to file for bankruptcy protection. They will analyze their financial situation, prepare documents and bankruptcy petitions and counsel them on how to properly navigate their way through the bankruptcy process.

The practicum will be conducted once a week on Monday evenings. The practicum will be frontloaded with instruction. Accordingly, each of the first three weeks will include 3 hour lectures for a total of 9 classroom hours at Loyola Law School. Beginning with the fourth week (on September 14th), instruction or clinical work will begin at 5:00pm and end at 8:30pm each Monday. In total, students will gain at least 40.5 hours of supervised clinical experience, thereby satisfying the 40-hour public service requirement for graduation. The clinical activity will take place on campus. Attorneys from Public Counsel will supervise student work during the clinic. The practicum will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Students who complete the practicum should be able to represent up to four clients during the semester. For the fall semester, it is anticipated that students will fulfill all requirements of the practicum before the Thanksgiving holiday.