(LAWB-4022) - 3 UNITS

Bankruptcy Reorganization in Practice is an advanced course covering business reorganizations under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, with an emphasis on acquiring practical skills used by attorneys in a Chapter 11 case. The course will examine the life cycle of Chapter 11 reorganization: starting with the defaults or other events that lead to a bankruptcy filing, moving on to the filing of a bankruptcy petition and the primary legal issues that arise in a typical Chapter l1 case and finishing with the negotiation and approval of a plan of reorganization. The course objective is for students to (1) become conversant with the provisions of Chapter 11, as well as other relevant provisions of the Bankruptcy Code as they come into play in a Chapter 11 case, (2) gain an understanding of the business/financial concepts that underlie a Chapter 11 reorganization and (3) acquire negotiating, research and drafting skills used by lawyers in the Chapter 11 process. Students will take different roles in the reorganization process and will practice negotiating; reading and analyzing loan documents; and drafting court pleadings typically used in a Chapter 11 cases, including a plan of reorganization.